How It Works

Elevator is a new platform connecting businesses to people in a brand new way.

If you're a professional with a live account, you get paid to monetise your profile. Companies use our real-time search to find and connect with you, and through the platform pay you a small one-off fee for the privilege of connecting with you.

Who Does It Benefit?

People Like You

Professionals like you get paid to monetise your profile. Your searchable profile is anonymous, and your personal details are only revealed to companies once you accept their connection request. Your searchable profile is kind of like an elevator pitch.

You set your own connection price, search keywords, skills/experience, and availability. Most importantly, you control exactly who gets access to your personal details.


Companies use Elevator to connect with potential employees for a fraction of the cost of using a recruiter or external system.

There is the added bonus of knowing that the person they are connecting with gains a passive income stream for the privilege of connecting.

Why Did We Build Elevator?

We come from the "digital" space, and have a huge problem connecting with potential workmates. LinkedIn is clunky, and the search results are rarely useful to us. Using recruiters is expensive - as a small company with a strict hiring budget, many companies like us can't afford to add 15-25% extra to a salary. We miss out on many connections, and wanted to create a way to directly connect with people, for a fraction of the cost.

On the flip side, we believe that it's not fair that LinkedIn / recruiters get to make money from your personal details, and you don't. People should be allowed to monetise their own profile.

Enter Elevator.