Get Early Access

Elevator is currently invitation-only for companies. Sign up at, and click "Upgrade to a company account" to request your company be allowed use the system to connect with people.

Create Your Company Profile

Once you've been invited along and you've created an account, head to your profile and click the "Company profile" link - this will take you to a simple profile page.

Fill out your company name, a short description of what you do, and your website URL, and you'll be ready to begin searching for connections.

Having a company profile within Elevator is free, and you may search unlimited profiles. Charges are only incurred when a connection request is accepted by a person.

Requesting A Connection

When you're ready, follow the "Search" link and begin. You'll be presented with a list of results, and their rough proximity from your location. View as many profiles as you like, and once you see an interesting one, click the "connect" button to the right of the profile.

The person gets a notification regarding your request. If they accept, your card will be charged, they will be paid and their details will become unlocked for you. Over to you to continue the conversation.

Charges & Receipts

We use Stripe to securely process connection request payments. Every payment made has a matching receipt, which may be downloaded at any time for your own records.