Getting Started

Get Early Access

Sign up at, or join through a referral from an existing member. Using a member referral means the member who invited you gets perks, so do this if you can!

We'll ask you for your name, your email address, and your rough location - we are going to be rolling the service out by geographical area, to ensure connections made are worthwhile.

Share Your Referral URL

Once you are set up, you get your own referral URL - be sure to share it to everyone you know! We're offering $5 cash for every referral user you sign up, so it's definitely worth your while.

Setting up your account

You'll be presented with an initial page that'll ask you to:

  • Set your password so you can log back in
  • Tell us your full name, and personal contact details
  • Tell us your bank account details, so profile payments can drop into your account.

Security note: personal contact details (aside from name & email), passwords, and bank details are encrypted in our database using OpenSSL AES-256 Encryption. Only the Elevator platform is able to decrypt this information - should any kind of breach ever occur, your confidential personal contact information will be inaccessible.