We use Stripe to securely process connection request payments. Currently, we pay out via bank transfer. We currently do not support bank accounts outside of Australia. Charges are only made when a connection request is accepted by the person who owns the profile.


Companies: every payment made has a matching receipt, which may be downloaded at any time for your own records.

I Have A Profile, When Do I Get Paid?

Once a profile has surpassed a minimum of $50 in accrued connection payments, a full payment is made into your nominated bank account. Note that this payment minimum may change. It might take up to 3 days to get to you, depending on the bank that you use.

Do You Pay In Bitcoin, Ethereum etc?

Nope, sorry.

What About Venmo / Revolut, etc?

We're looking into this, and are really quite excited about Revolut opening in Australia. Watch this space.

Elevator Charges

We need to pay the bills also. Every connection price includes a charge of around 20%

For example: at the beginning, say your profile connection price is $10. A connection is made, Elevator charges the company your price plus 20% and credit card charges to keep the lights on (bringing it to around $12.50, depending), and you make your $10. Nice.